Use of Emojis for Formative and Summative Assignments

(Blue and Red Books)

· To signify which are the most important items students need to complete each week.

📘Formative Assessment (20% of final grade)
📕Summative Assessment (80% of final grade)

Current Module Publishing

· Label the module by week and date.

· Current module should be listed first (top) and previous modules in order after.

Limit Module Publishing

· Staff will be selective on which items to publish to students to not overwhelm their Canvas feed and “To Do List”.

Weekly Agenda Button

· Overview for students and parents to know what is expected to be completed for the week.

· Should be clearly placed on Canvas

Include Blue and Red books next to the formative and summative assessments that will be reported in The Hub.

Due Dates Provided

· To shows students/parents when assignments are due.

· Formative assignments will be left “open” and can be completed up to three days before the end of the grading period.

· Summatives will be locked after specified date/time.

Check ParentVue/StudentVue for Academic Progress.

· Canvas and the HUB are not working together at this point. All major grades will be placed in the HUB for review.

Parents will be directed to The Hub for all grades, and to Canvas to review all Blue and Red assignments/assessments that are to be included in The Hub.

Canvas and HUB Target Identification

· Standard and label should match each other for easier identification of assignment.

Please name assignments the same from Canvas to The Hub, including the standard/learning target.

Limited Number of Grade Formative and Practice Assignments

· To lessen the amount of grading teachers are completing for students. Feedback will still be provided on activities.

The min. number of grades for Q1 was six.

The min. number of grades for Q2 will be nine.

“U” or Unsatisfactory in Effort

· Earned by students who do not participate in class or complete daily assignment.

· Students who log-in, but do not engage in class or respond to prompts from the teacher.

Please review the rubric for Conduct and Effort.