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Please review the letter below about being safe at the bus stop and walking to and from school.

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Does your student know the rules for staying safe when walking to or from school, or other destinations?

Just a few days into the new school year, there have already been reports of students making questionable decisions about talking to, or accepting rides from strangers. Please take the time to remind your student of some basic safety guidelines.

1. Avoid approaching or talking to strangers;
2. Never accept rides from strangers, and be sure to check with a
    parent or guardian before taking an unexpected ride from even
    someone they know; and
3. Be alert for suspicious individuals or vehicles, and alert a parent,
    school official, trusted adult, or police, about unusual occurrences or
    situations that make them feel uncomfortable.

Prince William County Public Schools Security works closely with police to investigate specific incidents and safety concerns. But parents can make a big difference by reminding students to follow these simple precautions that can play a big role in keeping them safe through the school year.

Thank you,
Keith Imon
Deputy Superintendent

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