National Junior Honor Society Newsletter

Past Meetings: If you haven't been to the last couple meetings. Here is what the Officers talked about:
Chassidy Dailly (Your President): Chassidy has been working hard to get out of school hours she has been in contact with many organizations. She has and will be sending out emails for sign up opportunities. Make sure to 
continue to check your emails. 
Kimberly Rivas (Your Vice President): Kimberly has stayed after with students and made posters for Pennies for Patients. She has been collaborating with both Panther Partners and Spirit club which she is in planning for The Meet in the Middle Special Olympics events being held at Parkside this year on April 14th from 9-11AM. NJHS will be participating in this event by this most NJHS students (not including members in Panther partners) we will have buddies ( a student) that they are working with. If they are unable to or ned assistance in a station you will assist them in doing so. Panther Partners will be in charge of running the stations. Spirit club will be in charge of making school banners and welcoming banner and other welcoming stuff. NJHS officers will be assisting Spirit club with this so after welcoming is done we will be open to helping anyone in any assistance needed. 
Aby Paik (Your Secretary): Aby talked about hours. She had spoken about how people are signing up for hour opportunities that we are providing and not showing up. She explained that there is usually a place to undo sign up or you could email provider notifying them you are no loner able to do it. So you aren't taking the hours from someone who needs them. She also spoke about hour limitations. We are trying are best to give everyone opportunities to do hours. We want everyone to achieve our goal of 40 hours. 
Jaden Mounkhaty (Your treasurer): Jaden had been counting and planning everyones hours. He has been doing a tremendous job. He is missing most hour forms from 7th grade please turn it in as quickly as possible they are long overdue. 
The officers also wanted to give a huge thanks to our co-sponsors for letting us do everything we do to make this program what it is today. THANK YOU Ms.Hutchinson and Mr.LaRochelle!!

Important information:

Meet in the Middle: The event will now be held on April 14th from 9-11AM but we will most likely need some help for setting up and cleaning up. We will have an important meting with the Special Olympics guest on Thursday, Feb 20th. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Ecology Club: Mrs.Daniels has started ecology club. They will be doing stuff from picking up trash to planting plants at Parkside to helping out environment. She has agreed that this would be hours.
Grades/Hours: Please make sure to be maintaining your grades which we will be checking on. Please make sure to turn in your hour slips if you haven't already. CHECK YOUR EMAILS!! We will be sending out a lot more in school and out of school hours so keep a look out for those emails. If you are worried about not having enough hours feel free to email the officers.
Khassidy: (more out of school hours)
Kimberly: (more in school hours)
The Co-Sponsors emails: