Science Fair

Students Presenting to the Judges at the Fair:

Thank you for all of the effort that you put into your science fair projects this year. We are so excited to see the fruits of your labor and hear about all of the great science that is going on in our community. On Thursday, February 7th, immediately after school you have been invited to represent Parkside in our annual science fair. Prepare yourself in advance by practicing your presentation. The judging form is on the back of this letter to help you practice. On the day of the fair, dress the part. Look sharp. You’re not only representing yourself, you’re representing the finest that Parkside has to offer.

The day before the fair, your science teacher will give you your science fair number. You will be shown the science fair map and the position of your project. Please go directly to your to project position in the cafeteria.


At Dismissal – Students participating in the science fair will immediately report to the cafeteria. Bring reading material and/or homework. You will be waiting to talk with the judges.

At 3:00 – Judges will begin judging projects. Each student should talk with at least one judge.

At 4:30 – Students will leave their projects in the cafeteria for the Open House and go home on the activity bus. If you have been cleared to leave earlier, you may call a parent to pick you up.

At 6:00 – The cafeteria will be opened for you and your parents to come in and view the show.

At 6:30 – The awards ceremony will begin.

At 7:00 – The awards will conclude.



NOTE: 7th & 8th grade students taking 1st or 2nd place in their category will be encouraged to apply to attend the Regional Science Fair held on Saturday, March 23, 2019. The application process will be completed on-line. The deadline is March 8, 2019.