Spanish 1/1B
Please go to the calendar for Spanish 1 and today's date (April 29) and watch the video I made for class on Question words and contractions. You will also want to download or print the notes called "Contractions and Interrogatives" from the Spanish 1 file before you watch as I walk you through review of everything in the video. 

Work for the week: 
1.Edmodo practice
A.Do the ? practice
B.Reading practice called Mis Amigas
C. Tic-tac-toe Writing practice to questions 
2. This is 
You should have received an email either Monday or yesterday about signing up for This is Language. This is where your listening activities are at. You will watch a video about what people do on their vacations/in their town and then go through the activities. I can see what you've done and check your progress. 

3. Senor Wooly
A. Finish up watching and doing the activities for "Adonde vas"
A. Very few have done the flipgrid video from last week so you need to go back and do it on  (Nate you're a rock star!)

Spanish 2
Watch the video on irregulars of preterit (I will be on teams chat if you have questions or want to video in) and you will need to download both documents on the Spanish 2 calendar for today's date, April 29. 
1. Edmodo work
A.Ir/ser preterit practice
B. Estar/Tener/Poder practice
C. Writing with irregulars of preterit practice
2. Flipgrid (this is the same as last week as there is only 1 student who did the speaking practice). Shout out to Brooke for doing this! 
3. This is 
On Monday you received an email about an amazing website with great listening activities and practice called This is I have assigned you two videos on this with activities. They are about town places and past activities. I can track your progress and work. Shout out to Finn for already getting started!!!! 

4. Senor Wooly
A. I have assigned you a new video (to you) called "El Banco" it is in the preterit and is awesome. You have two weeks to do all of the nuggets 1-10. Shout out to Pamela and Kyla for loving the Senor Wooly!