My name is Mr. Wicka and  am here for all your support needs!
-Please find Math support documents and review of the entire 8th grade math curriculum within my Class Data and Information page as well as the first half of the years worth of units (1-4 in Math) and (Unit 1 of Self Determination). You can also find the projects from the Self Determination class (parents please feel free to work on these with your children or even assign them in order to build a larger scale for learning outside the classroom). For tutoring videos I have attached links in the "Useful Links" tab. These links can help give students practice and show exactly how to solve and work through problems. I am also available for any support and help via email or Facetime should any students need personal assistance during this difficult time.

-Parents of students on my caseload, please feel free to contact me with ANY questions or concerns, I am here to support you during this difficult time and I will work with and for you to make sure your children have the greatest opportunities for success. If you have a student that participates in one of our Self-Contained classrooms please see my "Class Data and Information" Tab to get updates from the OT, PT, SLPs and any other specialist we may have!

 Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions or concerns at wickarp@pwcs.edu.

Thank you everyone and together we will make it through this, stronger than before.