Updated: 4/27/20 Hello students and parents! This weeks assignment is to create a myOn! account and begin reading!!!! This is an exciting program that will bring books to your home that you will enjoy on YOUR READING LEVEL and interests!  ALL YOU NEED TO LOGIN IS YOUR LUNCH NUMBER!

1) Log onto Clever https://clever.com/in/pwcs
2) Go to D.Tozzo Page
3) Click on MyOn! (under My Class Resources)
4) Login using School ID number/Lunch Number

Click on this link and there are videos on getting started. Scroll down to the Grades 6 and Up and view: 321722-myON-parent-and-family-Guide.pdf

Once you have logged on:
1) Complete interest inventory
2) Take Lexile Test- There will be questions and passages for you to review and answer. This will let you know where you are with reading and will help when pairing books for you to read. TAKE YOUR time to make sure it's accurate or it won't put you on right level (TOO EASY OR TOO HARD).
3) Read for 30 minutes (I want you to pick something that you will enjoy to read. It is up to you. 
4) That's it for this week! Email me if you have questions!

MyOn parent guide...docx