Weekly Update 4/27/2020:

** Office hours have been changed this week to THURSDAY, 12 noon to 1:45 pm.
You will be receiving an invite to a virtual TEAMS meeting!  I look forward to "seeing" you!

My office hours are 1:00-2:45 on Wednesday. I am available any day via email!    On Wednesday I will be available via Teams for a video chat!  I must have your parents give permission for you to join!  I look forward to "seeing" your faces!  You will receive an invite for this chat session!

Please continue to follow the Parkside daily schedule below:
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Weekly update 4/20/2020: This is the last week to turn in missing assignments! All work must be turned in by Friday, April 24th.

This week please focus on completing any work for your core classes that needs to be turned in!

Remember- you can email your individual teachers if you need help with this! 
Contact me if you need help!!

My Office hours are Wednesday 1:00 to 2:45 PM
Or call me at:  571-358-9665


I hope you had a nice, relaxing Spring Break! Please remember you can contact me with any questions! The best advice I can give you right now-- is try to do some school work every day. Dr, Boynton has developed a schedule to help stay organized!

Here are some suggestions from me!

My Office hours are Wednesday 1:00 to 2:45 PM.

You may email me at : Badenka@pwcs.edu

Or call me at:  571-358-9665



Hello Students!  
I am missing you and I hope you are doing well!  Just remember everything is going to be fine!  We will get through this together!

I am going to suggest that you do some reading every day!  Read about something you are interested in! Practice reading out loud (this will help your fluency!)

I am also going to suggest that you write everyday!  I know your teachers are suggesting activities for you as well... again make it fun!  Journal the best thing that happened to you everyday!  Did you get to go outside? Did you play your favorite game? Just write a paragraph or two. The journal does not even have to be in complete sentences- you could express yourself in a poem, write a skit, or even draw a picture!

I will be adding websites in the "useful links" file as I find interesting activities for you!

Please take care of yourself!

Mrs. Baden

Bull Run Regional Library: 703-792-4533


Hello!  I'm Karla Baden and I am very excited to join Parkside Middle School as the Reading Specialist again this year!

Please email me at Badenka@pwcs.edu 

Have a wonderful school year!

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Please encourage your child to read DAILY at home! It makes a difference!