Dear Students and Parent/Guardians,

Parkside Middle School will begin a transition to Canvas, a student learning management system, beginning on Monday, May 4th.  Canvas will allow students to access each of their unique set of classes and find their course content in one location. Canvas Student Apps can be downloaded on Apple  and AndroidParent and student resources, as well as direct links to the Canvas webpage, can be found on the PWCS Instructional Technology page. While we at Parkside are excited about using Canvas, we understand that it will be a learning process for teachers, students, and families.  We are here to help and excited to learn and grow together!

To access work on your mobile device watch this video:

Never imagines we will end the school year in this fashion. Enjoy your summer & stay safe. Follow social distancing norms. Hope to see you all in the fall. 

FREE ONLINE MATH CLASSES AVAILABLE. For those interested, please check this out.

Math 7 has completed Functions Unit and tested,and is working on Quadrilaterals. We will go back to reviewing all the previously taught units starting with Unit 1 Number Sense.

Extended Math 7 has completed Unit 6 Angle Relationships and Transformations unit.
We will be reviewing starting with Unit 1 Real Numbers.

Link for SOL practice Extn7 :

Math 7 Links:
Scientific Notation:

Perfect Squares and Square Roots:

Absolute Value:

Algebraic Expressions:

2 Step Equations: