Welcome to Mrs. Eicher's Social Studies class! 

 This year students will learn United States History to 1865.

Some of the topics students will learn during this school year:
* Geography terms
           *  North America Geography
* Finding Locations
* Reading Maps     
       * Continents and Oceans
                   * Looking at Geographic Features
   * Geographic Regions
* Bodies of Water
                         * Geographic Features and History
* American Indian Cultuures
* Early People
* Exploration
* The Plains
* The Southwest, The Pacific Northwest, The Artic.
* The Age of Exploration,World Trade & Travel, Background to Exploration,Portugal Leads the Way, The Spanish Explore
*The French in North America, The English in North America
*Two Worlds Meet
*Colonial America, Settling English Colonies, The New England Colonies, The Mid-Atlantic Colonies, The Southern Colonies, Varied Ways of Life
*British Control, The French & Indian War,  The American Revolution, The Boston Tea Party, The Boston Masacre, Declaring Independence, The Fight for Independence
* The New Nation, Articles of Confederation,The Civil War!

Look forward to another great year at Parkside Middle School!

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

I hope all is well! I will continue to update my Parkside Online Calendar on a weekly basis. I have posted in my calendar important information such as Social Studies Resources, Useful Links, Assignments and Other Relevant Information. 

New Schedule for Social Studies 6 During School beginning the week of April 14, 2020

Tuesday 10:30- 12:15pm Social Studies Instruction & Assignments Or On Your Own

Monday 1:00 - 2:45 pm Social studies Office Hours

Students, everything you need to know including assignments are posted  in my Social Studies Calendar!

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*I will continue to post my online Social Studies calendar on a daily basis*

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Hope everyone is safe and healthy! 
Take care :)

Mrs. Eicher
Math & Social Studies Teacher