PKMS Library's Curbside Pick-Up

PKMS Library's Curbside Pick-Up

During this virtual instruction time, our Parkside Library is pleased to offer Curbside Pick Up starting the week of August 24th!!  Students are encouraged to access the Parkside library Curbside Pick Up form at  

From this page we encourage you to search and explore our collection.  The catalog can be found at .  Remember we allow everyone 2 books for 2 weeks.  If you need to renew your books, fill out the form again and indicate that you just want to renew.  If you’re still holding onto books from last year, we will need those to be returned or paid for so that you and enjoy reading something new.   

Curbside Details 


Who: Students or Staff 

What: Check out any of our books or e-books 

When: Complete the form by Wednesday at Noon and pick up your books Thursday from 12-4 or Friday from 8-12. 

Where: Books checked out can be picked up from the Parkside lobby by students or parents with the student’s Name, Grade Level, and Student ID (lunch number)  

Returns: Books can be returned to the Book Carts in the lobby during pick up times, or e-books can be returned online.  

How Many: Students can check out 2 books at a time for 2 weeks.  When books are returned new books can be checked out. 

How: Fill out the form found at This link can also be found on the Parkside webpage virtual schoolhouse.