Hello Rising 6th graders!  For most of you, you have already filled out your requests and we are working away with getting your schedule complete.  However, there are several students who didn't get an opportunity to fill out their course requests when we were still physically at school so we have uploaded the course request form you so you can do it virtually!  Also you will see a tutorial video on how to fill out the form that Ms. Wines created.  Below all of that are the course descriptions to help you decide which class(es) you would like best.  If you have any questions you can reach out to Ms. Wines, our director of school counseling via email at wineshl@pwcs.edu.

We also will have opportunities on Wednesday mornings from 8:30 am to 10:30 am to do a virtual meeting with Ms. Wines or your school counselor if you need additional help.

We hope everyone is staying safe!  We cannot wait to see you all next school year!

https://tinyurl.com/PKMS6thgrade (scheduling form)

Tutorial for completing form

Course Descriptions:

* School-owned instruments are available for certain students for both band and orchestra courses.*

Beginning Band
  No prior experience is necessary.  This is a performing ensemble.  Students will study elements of proper playing techniques, music reading, & concert etiquette.  2 evening performances are required. 

Band:  Prerequisite-1 full year.  Students are expected to practice daily, expand technique, facility, & overall skill on their instruments with a focus on improving tone quality.  2 evening performances are required.  

Beginning Orchestra:  No prior experience is necessary.  Students will begin developing practice techniques & learning the fundamental skills necessary for playing a stringed instrument.  Students will focus on establishing music literacy, ensemble skills, & performance techniques.  3 evening concerts & 2 after school rehearsals are required. 

Orchestra:  Prerequiste-1 full year.  Students will be expected to practice daily, expend technique, facility, & overall skill on their instruments to improve tone quality, intonation, & technique.  3 evening concerts and 2-3 after school rehearsals are required.  

Chorus:  Students sing a variety of genres of music.  Student will work towards achieving excellent vocal tone quality, technique, & musicianship.  Sight reading & choreography skills are worked on in class.  2 evening performances are required.  Students will be placed into gender sections.

Theatre:  Students will explore aspects of theatre.  Everything from the behind the scenes work to the singing, dancing, & acting on stage.  Students will work on sets, costumes, props, lights & sound as well as reading & memorizing scripts.  At least 1 show will be required.

Art:  Students will focus on developing skills which include drawing, painting, sculpture, & more.  They will have the opportunity to expand and refine skills using a variety of art media.

Global Perspectives:  This is a skills-based course that stretches across traditional subject boundaries & develops transferable skills.   The emphasis is on developing the ability to think critically about a range of global issues where there is always more than one point of view.  They will learn to collaborate with others & directing their own learning.