Hello our current 7th grade students, soon to be 8th graders!  We know you are all anxious to select your elective classes for next year.  Below you will see a link for the form and a video on how to complete the form.  Your teachers have completed their recommendations and now we just need what your elective choices are!  If you have any questions you can reach out to Ms. Wines directly, her email is wineshl@pwcs.edu. 

Make sure to follow all the directions on the form. 

Hope you are all doing well, we miss each and every one of you!

https://tinyurl.com/PKMS8thgrade (course request form)

Tutorial for completing the form

Course Descriptions:

*school-owned instruments are available for certain students for both band and orchestra classes*

Intermediate Band:  Prerequisite-1 full year.  Students must have good work habits & be willing to work hard in class & practice at home to achieve high level of tone quality, technique, musicianship, & ensemble skills.  2 evening performances are required. 

Band:  Prerequisite-1 full year & Audition Based.  Students must demonstrate good work habits & be able to perform individually, have excellent tone quality & good citizenship.  Students are expected to practice daily.  3 evening performances are required.

Intermediate & Advanced Orchestra:  Prerequiste-1 full year.  Students will be expected to practice daily, expend technique, facility, & overall skill on their instruments to improve tone quality, intonation, & technique.  3 evening concerts and 4-5 after school rehearsals are required. 

Choir:  This is a fun but demanding course.  Students should be willing to work hard in class to achieve excellent vocal tone quality & musicianship.  Men’s Choir require the purchase of a white tux shirt.  Women’s Choir requires the purchase of pearl necklace & earrings as well as a concert gown rental for $50.00.

Show Choir:  Students selected through an audition process.  Students must have excellent vocal tone quality & good citizenship.  Students are required to show optimal levels of performance by dancing, singing, & smiling simultaneously.  Students are required to purchase show choir attire.  Students are strongly encouraged to also be in the choir class.  

Global PerspectivesThis is a skills-based course that stretches across traditional subject boundaries & develops transferable skills.   The emphasis is on developing the ability to think critically about a range of global issues where there is always more than one point of view.  They will learn to collaborate with others & directing their own learning.

Creative Writing:  Students will experience the benefits of creative expression through crafting and revising their own short stories, poems, and non-fiction essays.  Students should expect to come away with a great knowledge of craft, enhanced approaches to revising their work, and a far better understanding of their own unique writing style.

Journalism:  This is a student-driven course that produces the quarterly school newspaper, the Panther Press.  Students learn all the aspects of creating a newspaper including, advertising, photography, history, & journalistic approaches.

Art:  Students will focus on developing skills which include drawing, painting, sculpture, & more.  They will have the opportunity to expand and refine skills using a variety of art media.