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Week of: 5/4/2020

This week we are starting to use CANVAS. Please watch the tutorial video below that will explain you, how to access and navigate CANVAS. This week activities are in the chart below. Follow the instructions and email me if you have any questions or problem to access the online activities. 

Tutorial video: Access Canvas

This week assignments:

Access your clever account. Your will have to use your credentials (user and password). Choose between reading or grammar and follow the instructions to find the assignments.
Math: Click or copy the link to access the Kahoot game. 



Welcome to School year 2019-2020!

¡Hola! My name is Marilyn De León, I am very excited for this new school year. I am from Puerto Rico, this is my second year teaching at Parkside. I will be co-teaching 6th grade Language Arts with Mrs. Petersen and 6th grade Math with Mr. Perdue. I will also be teaching a Tutorial class. I am looking forward to work with my 6th graders students and to have a successful school year. 

Language Arts:

I Co teach Language Arts (P3 & P4) with Mrs. Petersen. Continue reading daily for 20 minutes, any book of your choice. Also, find a journal and write daily, about how you feel, what you've been doing like any activities or homework. Go on useful links you can also find online journals and websites to practice reading comprehension and some cool games. You can access Mrs. Petersen's website if you need to review any material or retake any quiz or test in Language Arts. If you are doing a PIP, please ask for a code and the instruction to access on Naiku.


I co teach Math (P1 & P2) with Mr. Perdue. Continue practice on IXL, and see the math aids file on the left to find the visual aids to help you with anything we taught this year. For more information to review anything that we practice during the year, you can access Mr. Perdue's website.