Dear Parents & Guardians,

In an effort to continue to provide our students with a safe, learning environment, we are making some adjustments to our after-school dismissal procedures. We are excited to have so many of our students taking advantage of our clubs, study hall, after-school teacher sessions, and athletics, however, with such a large number of participants comes some challenges in ensuring that all of our students are able to exit the building safely and securely.

We are asking for your assistance and support. Beginning October 18, 2017, students who are being picked up by parents (car riders) will be released 10 minutes prior to activity bus riders. On Tuesday and Thursday, they will be released at 4:30 p.m. and on Wednesday’s they will be released at 5:20 p.m. Students will be instructed to walk out of Door 2, and move straight across the first cross walk. Our SRO or PWC Police Officer will be there to assist our students. Students WILL NOT be allowed to cross the second crosswalk unless their parent has parked their car and are waiting for them on the other side of the cross walk. Students will no longer be able to run in-between buses, through cars, and run across the parking lot. I know that all parents understand how this creates an unsafe situation for our students. Our students are our first priority, and it is extremely important to us that we are maintaining a safe and secure environment for them at all times.

Our students will be expected to follow the directions of our SRO and our staff. So it is imperative that our parents work with us and refrain from instructing their children to disregard the instructions being provided by the Parkside staff, and in turn placing them in an awkward as well as dangerous situation. I appreciate that it can be extremely frustrating at times waiting for your child to be released during after-school activities, but I can assure everyone that we work as quickly as we can to release students as efficiently as possible.

I know that if we work together we will be able to ensure the safety of our students. Our school motto this year is “One School, One Purpose: Together we Can!” I truly believe that it takes all of our stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, staff, and community to work together to provide our students the education they deserve.

Thank you for your continued support, and please feel free to provide me with any feedback or thoughts.

Yours truly,

Dr. Boynto